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    1. Jingzhou Longhua Petroleum Co.,Ltd. |Jingzhou Huaxiang Chemical CO.,LTD.
             Emulsifier series
             Auxiliary series
             Oil field auxiliary series
              Silicon chloride
              Ethyl silicate

           About us



      Jinzhou Longhua Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (former Jinzhou Petrochemical General Factory) was established in 2004. Located in Jinzhou Economic Development Park of Hubei province, we now are a specialized manufacturing enterprise of non-ionic surfactants, with leading equipment, advanced production methods and complete inspection facilities. Under the supports of experienced R&D team and rich experiences accumulated from years’ development, production and on-site service in the fields of pesticide emulsifier, oilfield chemicals and cutting fluid, we now have the good abilities to provide quality "Jiali" branded products and excellent presales and after-sales service for pesticide factories, oil fields and refineries all around the world!




      Consisted of synthetic laboratory of pesticide emulsifier, formula laboratory, oilfield chemicals laboratory and pilot scale test room, our technical equipment department is in charge of researching and developing customer-oriented products, and offering on-site technical service for end-users.

      As an ISO9001 quality system approved enterprise, we own sound guarantees to produce products with first-class quality. Our quality policy: "creating top-grade fine chemical products with good management system; taking customers as number one priority to make Jiali a national famous brand of China".

      Mr. Chen Taiping (the legal representative of our company) and all staffs express the most heartfelt gratitude and the sincerest regards to friends all over the world for caring and supporting our business. We are looking forward to cooperating with you for achieving mutual progresses and development!