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    1. Jingzhou Longhua Petroleum Co.,Ltd. |Jingzhou Huaxiang Chemical CO.,LTD.
             Emulsifier series
             Auxiliary series
             Oil field auxiliary series
              Silicon chloride
              Ethyl silicate

           Main products




      ??This product is organic silicon monomer with wide application, and mainly used to produce semiconductor silicon, monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon material.

      ????Quality index

      Item Index
      Appearance colorless transparent liquid with no obvious machine impurites.
      TrichlorosilaneContent/(%),= 98.80
      Silicon chlorideContent/(%),= 0.04

      ????Packing:This product is packed in dry, clean and special tank car.

      ????Storage:Store in ventilated and dry storage can and keep away from fire. Storage period is two years.

      ????Transportation:This product is flammable product. Please prevent strong knocking and touching fire during transportation.